About Us

Rhyme and Reason burst onto the scene in 2013 as a third year student dissertation project. It was the reason behind many of our rhymes and helped the current team to grow more confident, both in person and in poetry.

Because it was safe. And supportive. And that’s the core of Rhyme and Reason. We wanted to provide a safe space where first time performers can take to the stage and take their first steps into the larger poetic world.

From humble beginnings, RAR has exploded into a fully fledged regular night with a whole variety of different events throughout the year. If you love poetry as much as we do and have more words in you than Shakespeare on a Friday night, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

We have open mic nights, workshops, professional nights with touring poets and spoken word artists, poetry slams and much much more! If you fancy jumping up on stage, you’re more than welcome. Head over to our Facebook and Twitter links at the bottom of the page to see our upcoming nights.

And if you’re not sure about performing but would like to pull up a pew and get a feel for the night, you’re more than welcome to do so too! Check out our Videos section and Youtube page to have a listen to many of our excellent previous performers. Who knows, you might even find yourself among them one day!

Our team is currently made of two Co-Directors (Billie and Nick), an excellent Assistant (Hattie) and our amazing Intern (Eliza)! We hope to see you soon!


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