We need you! To write!

Our next Brew House night is less than a week away and our theme is inspiration! What inspires you? Are you inspired by the fairy lights round your fireplace? The places you went travelling? The sights, the sounds and the colours? Was it hot, was it cold? Are you inspired by penguins and teddy bears?

Or is it the teddy bear behind you could be secretly plotting your downfall that inspires you?  Whatever it is, we can’t wait to hear your work!

Still struggling? Try these exercises!

201: You are Frankenstein. Write a letter to Mary Shelley thanking her.

421: You’ve accidently brought someone back from the dead. Who is it?

163: Open your poem with a bad joke – They’ve got to be worse than Nick’s jokes…

My thanks go to my ‘642 Things to Write About’ book for these ideas.

See you next week! xx



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